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Premier Fencing and Powder Coating are based in Warana and deliver to the Sunshine Coast. Our team of experts are are always ready to answer any questions you may have in order to provide you with the best quality service possible.

For more personalised information and advice please contact our friendly team.

Pool Fencing FAQ

Premier Fencing and Powder Coating is a Sunshine Coast based stockist of pool fencing supplies. We pride ourselves on delivering quality products to ensure your family’s safety around the water. To help you choose between your options, we have put together this list of frequently asked questions to save you time.

– Does your pool fencing comply with safety standards?
Yes, All of our pool fencing supplies are certified.

– What are the specific laws for my area?
The rules change depending on your Local Government Area, and the type of water body you are fencing off. We suggest you contact your local council to ensure you are meeting all legal requirements.

– What posts do I need to hold my fence up?
The type of post required depends on the ground where installation is required. We suggest you talk to our expert term about the area you are installing a fence if you are carrying out the work yourself, or speak with the fencing team you have hired to ensure you have all necessary materials.
We can recommend some great fencing teams around the Sunshine Coast who deliver quality work using our premium products.

– What accessories do I need to build my fence?
Depending on what you have in place already, you may need self-closing hinges, posts, flanges, latches, nuts, bolts, and brackets; as well as any tools you need to carry out the job. Our expert team can advise you as to what pool fencing supplies we can deliver depending on your project.

– The ground slopes where I would like to out my fencing, what are my option?
We offer site measures and quotes, and this will allow us to assess the slope to see what fencing is required to ensure safety.

– Can I have different styles or colours of fencing to match the style of my house?
Sure! We have a range of styles and colours to suit your heart’s desire.

– What warranty comes with my purchase?
Our material suppliers have their own warranties which we honour. We also offer our clients a three year manufacturer’s warranty and a 10 year warranty on all standard colour powder coating. For more information about our warranty, please contact the office to discuss.

– What happens if my pool fence fails an inspection?
If the fail is because of our measure and quote or our supplied products please give us a call to sort out the problems. If the inspection fail is because of installation, you will need to go back to who installed your fence to fix the issues.